What My Best Friend’s Divorce Taught Me About Handling Life’s Challenges

Divorce is never fun it’s not something that people sign up for when they envision themselves getting married. It’s not the goal. People get married because they want to spend the rest of their life with that one individual. They don’t get married to end up separated and ultimately divorced. 

But sometimes divorce happens, and it happens to some of the best people. I learned from watching her go through all the stages of grief to being better than she was before. She taught me that life will give you unexpected curveballs, but it will never completely take you out of the game. 

Once she was able to see the sun that was hiding behind her dark cloud cover, she began to recognize what she needed to do to move forward. Her wisdom and insight can not only help others battling this exact season of life, but it also can help those who are experiencing other challenges. 

You didn’t fail. 

When something doesn’t work in your favor, it does not mean that you are the failure. We enter seasons of life to gain experiences, learn, and grow. Growth comes in various forms, and for some, growth means being put in a situation you would never imagine. If you couldn’t blossom from the soil of the earth

Storms are inevitable. 

When life begins to rain more than provide sunshine, it’s time to revisit your self-care. Storms are created when a center of low pressure develops with the system of high pressure surrounding it. 

When you are the center is low on energy, desire, strength, or whatever you need to keep pushing, systems around you will give off energy so strong, that a storm has to come in order for you to cleanse and move forward. 

Self-care first. 

Listen to your body when your energy is depleted. Take time to recharge and refuel. Take a walk and listen to your favorite playlist or album. Curl up with your favorite book and float away to an alternate universe. When you begin to put yourself above everything else, the benefits will follow. 

You don’t have all the answers. 

Sometimes we don’t know why things fail or don’t work out. The less time you try and figure it out and the more time you invest in what you will do to be better next time. The answers you seek are how not to make the same mistakes, decisions, choices, etc. a second (or third) time. 

Know your worth. 

There is a reason why you felt a certain way when you were at your crossroad. There was a feeling that you weren’t getting what you deserved out of a situation. Listen to that voice again, it was your voice of value and worth. 

You will thrive again. 

You can find love again. You WILL find happiness again. Your business will be successful again. You will thrive again. Never feel like storms are final. Seasons are temporary, but your desire and feeling to want to experience a similar situation again, in a different capacity, will not and should not feel final. 

Watching one of my closest friends climb up from what seemed to be her lowest moments in life to now thriving more than ever, it shows that anything is possible. She got through it. You got through it. And now, all you can do is move forward. Move towards greatness. Move towards happiness. Most important, move towards YOU!  

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