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2 Wives on LIVE

Introducing a BRAND NEW IGTV Series starting this month – 2 Wives on LIVE. 

Hi Friends! 

Jemia here, the founder and creator of BlackWifeLife™️. Since we have launched our website less than one month ago, nothing but blessings have been pouring down onto this community. We are not only giving opportunities for independent Black writers to share their voice and passion, but we are expanding into various mediums to connect with this growing community. 

I am very excited to partner with my fellow friend, wife of 15 years, and wellness expert Cintrella Young-Trottie on this new IGTV series. Living in New York City, Cintrella’s journey is to help bring awareness to the self, herself included, so individually we can experience the world fully with clarity and compassion. “I want to apply my own best practices to my marriage, my children, and relationships around me. Sharing my personal lessons and experiences with other women, all the while learning and absorbing the collective experience of Black women all around the world”, says Young-Trottie. 

Together, Cintrella and I will bring real and RAW conversations that are important and needed in our community. No theatrics, no gimmicks just 2 Wives on LIVE sharing their honest opinion on topics. 

Join us for our debut show, Tuesday, September 8, at 7p ET, we will be discussing CardiB and Meg Thee Stallion’s song W.A.P., which stands for Wet Ass P*ussy, if you were not hip. Why are people so upset behind this song? What is the problem with WAP? Join us for a fun and candid conversation. I guarantee you will not want to miss this LIVE. 

All series will be saved and stored only on @BlackWifeLife IGTV for replay. 

And if you haven’t already listened to WAP, make sure you do before Tuesday so you can join in on the fun. 

See you on LIVE! 

Creator + Founder of @BlackWifeLife. Champagne, Curls & Coffee.

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