We Will Never Forget⏤This is Why.

January 13, 2021

Wednesday, January 6, 2021, will be remembered forever. It will go down as one of the darkest days in United States history. 100 years from now, we will be talking about that day, the same way we learned of Lincoln’s assassination in 1865. We will remember the President inciting violence against our Congresspeople in an attempt to overturn the election. We will remember large swaths of a mostly white brigade erecting nooses, waving confederate flags, and unleashing widespread chaos at the U.S. Capitol building while legislatures were in the midst of formally confirming the victory of Joe Biden as this country’s 46th President. We will never forget any of this. But for Black Americans, we will remember so much more. 

We will never forget that white supremacy was able to reign over Washington, D.C., with almost no consequence. While we marched for equality, police accountability, and the declaration that All Black Lives Matter, we will never forget that we were met with rubber bullets, tear gas, pepper spray, violence, and militarism. We will never forget that racism and hatred were escorted up the Capitol steps and through the hallways with zip-ties and guns in an attempt to stage a complete insurrection against the democratic process that this country claims to hold dearly. We won’t forget how Capitol police decided that it was more important to take selfies with white supremacy instead of fighting for the disenfranchised lives and votes. We will never forget how the President told white supremacy how much he loved them as it was busy murdering a police officer with a fire extinguisher, meanwhile, our athletes kneeling for equality, police accountability, and a declaration that All Black Lives Matter were called “sons of b*****s.”

We will always remember how xenophobia and white privilege proclaimed that “they built this Capitol,” even though we know that the hands or African slaves constructed the amazing edifices of Washington, D.C. We will always remember Capitol police and the National Guard calmly ushering prejudice, bigotry, and supreme entitlement away from the Capitol, while peaceful protestors fighting for justice, liberation, and a declaration that All Black Lives Matter were trampled, shot, beaten, and assaulted by police in an attempt to display “total domination.” We will always remember that D.C. Police arrested 88 protestors in the wake of Derek Chauvin heartlessly murdering George Floyd. Yet, somehow they struggled to reach 60 arrests of white supremacy, hatred, and privilege attempting a federal government coup. We will always remember Congressperson Cori Bush and the account of her experience at a protest for state-sanctioned violence, 

“Back in July, we had been protesting at the police station in Florissant, Mo., where a police officer had recently run over a Black man with his car. The police had been beating protesters for weeks. They tear-gassed us to the point of suffocation for painting “Black Lives Matter” on a road, arrested us for putting our fists in the air and beat those who they’d taken into custody.” 

We will remember that Senators Josh Hawley of Missouri, Ted Cruz of Texas, Tommy Tuberville of Alabama, Cindy Hyde-Smith of Mississippi, Roger Marshall of Kansas, and John Kennedy of Louisiana voted to decertify the election. We will remember that the President and everyone in our government that enabled him for years is responsible for the four lives lost at the Capitol and all the madness and chaos that ensued. We will remember the Republicans and the hypocrisy which they all displayed

We will never forget Ben & Jerry’s.

We will never forget 2020. We will never forget what it did to our families. We will never forget what it did to our neighborhoods, our businesses, our livelihoods. We will never forget how many police took the lives of unarmed and innocent Black lives. We will never forget that we still deserve justice. We will never forget that the coronavirus disproportionately killed Black people and that centuries of denial, racism, and White supremacy is at fault. 

We will also remember that Stacy Abrams, LaTosha Brown, and Cliff Albright of Black Votes Matter turned the entire 2020 presidential election and were directly responsible for Reverend Raphel Warnock and Jon Ossoff earning their Senate seats. We will remember how they turned a staunchly Red state Blue. We will remember their organizing efforts. We will learn from them. We will be motivated by their tireless work. We will be fueled by what happened, never to let white supremacy, racism, hatred, xenophobia, prejudice, and bigotry ever win again. 

We learned a lot on January 6, 2021. 

And we will never forget. 

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