The Phenomenal Homemaker’s Millennial Wifehood Hacks

A Cosmopolitan reporter stated that millennials are fueling the declining divorce rate. Experts have estimated a 24% decline in divorce since the 1980s. Many think this is attributed to millennials deciding to take more time finding the right partner and become financially stable before entering marriage.

Still, with statistics on the millennial’s side, there are many obstacles any marriage will come across. Speedbumps will look different for every couple; it’s about working through them together as a unit. But each person in the marriage has a role and responsibility, and while the weight of certain things might fall on each spouse differently, it’s still about coming together to serve the marriage.

Jess Bowie is a Houston native, mother, and wife. Bowie decided to dismantle the negative connotation of the word “homemaker” and develop a brand that would uplift and support women in the household. Regardless if you are a stay-at-home mom or a bustling corporate woman, The Phenomenal Homemaker community is for you.

Who is Jess Bowie?

I’m a 30-year-old Houston native who has resided in Dallas/Fort Worth for over the last decade. I am a devoted wife and mother who delicately balances working full-time in Corporate America. I originally came to Dallas/Fort Worth for college but built a life out here for myself. I went to the University of North Texas and received a degree in Decision Sciences. My career kicked off in IT Consulting, and I now have transitioned to working in Corporate Technology.

My husband and I have been together for 5 years. We met in 2016 at a friend’s party, and 1 year later, we were married. Three months into our relationship, we were engaged. We knew this would be different, so we decided to move at the pace we wanted to. A couple months after our engagement, I found out I was pregnant! So let’s say the first 13-14 months of our relationship was a whirlwind, and I would not have had it any other way. Our story is a testament that your life can change drastically within one year!

My family and I value our faith in Jesus, and we enjoy hosting get-togethers at our home for our family and friends.

What is The Phenomenal Homemaker, and what made you create this brand?

The Phenomenal Homemaker represents a group of modern, intellectual single women, wives, and mothers who are simply killing it at life. These women are career-focused, world travelers, business owners, thrill-seekers, inventors and dreamers, entrepreneurs, children’s teachers, family chefs, and more. Phenomenal Homemakers have figured out the secret sauce for what it takes to balance their roles and duties while maintaining and nurturing themselves WELL

I began this brand because I was sick and tired of the term “homemaker” being perceived as outdated and seemingly undesirable. I did not enjoy the fact that people made it to either be a stay-at-home wife or mother OR have a career – there was no room for both. I wanted people to know that if you enjoy creating a healthy space at home for your family to thrive in, that it wasn’t considered to be “old school.” I needed modern ladies to know that if they found their home-life to be more of a priority to them than chasing a career (or anything else for that matter), then NOTHING was wrong with them. The truth is…being a Phenomenal Homemaker is a dynamic role.

You created some wifehood hacks for millennial marriage. What made you write this e-guide?

Part of being a Phenomenal Homemaker is ensuring you have your relationship on LOCK. Meaning, you are a boss at engaging well with your man. You have the proper tools to navigate a relationship, and that you are equipped with the wisdom and knowledge needed to cultivate a healthy relationship. As far as the home component is concerned with being a Phenomenal Homemaker, the relationship aspect TAKES THE CAKE. You can gauge how healthy home life is based on how healthy that relationship/marriage is. 

Not only that, but these tools are needed FAR ahead of getting married. One of the worst things you can do as a single millennial woman is start preparing for marriage AFTER you get the ring. No ma’am – preparation starts well before the man comes along. 

This guide is for the millennial woman who has been spinning her wheels, desperately looking to better relate to her husband, fiance, or boyfriend. It’s also for the woman who feels like she keeps running into a brick wall to understand how to interact with her man. Lastly, this guide will also support the women who want to ensure they’re right on track with connecting with their significant other. This guide will transform your connection with your man if you apply it correctly.

What is one thing you wish you would have know before you got married?

I honestly felt very equipped to tackle marriage; however, the one thing that threw me for a curveball and completely STRETCHED me was living with a MAN. Let me say that that adjustment period was a challenge for me! I’ve had roommates for pretty much all of my adulthood – but living with a man and their daily habits was NEW TO ME.

What is your favorite part about being a wife, a Black wife?

Having a full-time companion and being fully known, seen, and yet experiencing nothing but unwavering love. Black wives, we’re just crazy sexy and dope. So yeah, I love being a Black family and raising bold, unapologetic humans that love the skin they’re in.

Grab Jess’s Top 10 Millennial Wifehood Hacks today and connect with her on Instagram @jessicalbowie and visit to keep up all things related to wifehood, family, and marriage.

Creator + Founder of @BlackWifeLife. Champagne, Curls & Coffee.

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