Stronger Together Than Apart

Heather Headley said it best in her song, “In My Mind”,

They say if you love something, you've got to let it go.
And if it comes back, then it means so much more.
Fine if it never does, at least you will know,
That it was something you had to go through to grow.

Brandon and my little sister, Morgan met at a birthday party for a mutual friend, in which Brandon fell immediately in love. Well kind of met. Brandon sat on the steps staring at Morgan, and could never garner enough to approach her to ask her for her number. He sat there on the steps in awe knowing one day he was going to marry Morgan. He just could not ask her for her number. The next day after the party, Morgan was told by the mutual friend that Brandon, was constantly asking for Morgan’s number. As a way to “shut him up,” Morgan gave the mutual friend permission to give Brandon the number. Of course, Brandon called her and they started to date (I guess we can insert “Entanglement” here.)

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Ladies, it is not always easy for a man to approach. We are just as nervous as you are, and we do not like rejection. — We are human until you make us your SUPERMAN.

Unfortunately, in 2012, Brandon and Morgan ended their relationship/entanglement due to human mistakes. (Once again ladies we are human lol). Neither spoke for a year to one another after their first and only break up. But each of them wondered and knew there was more. It just was not the time. Brandon knew he missed the love of his life and he would call Morgan several times in 2014 to check on her. Morgan would answer and their relationship grew. By the end of 2014, both Morgan and Brandon had grown into great friends, best friends, and began to trust one another again.

On New Years’ Day 2015, Morgan and Brandon decided it was time to make their relationship official. From there, their family grew. On July 27, 2015, in front of God, both of their mothers, and Brandon’s sister, Morgan and Brandon celebrated their love for one another and became a union under God.

Brandon and Morgan are a testament of black love, and Morgan’s saying “FOREVER IN LOVE”. They are a powerful, inseparable couple, and there is nothing, that can break them apart. Brandon and Morgan are a stronger together than they are apart.

Their marriage has delivered several joys and amazing gifts. Two gifts are my nephew Brandon and my niece Aubree. Brandon and Morgan are amazing parents to these kids and work hard to provide for them.

Brandon and Morgan enjoy the simple things in life and in their relationship. They enjoy a night out at Texas Roadhouse or Longhorn with the kids or alone by themselves. Morgan says a beautiful candle light dinner without the kids is perfect for them. They are an affectionate couple, and have no problem showing a little PDA. Whether that is a small kiss on the forehead, or a deep intense kiss, Morgan and Brandon will show their love for one another is one that will not die. They enjoy spending time with each other from watching a movie, spending time with the kids, or just talking.

Just because “it’s a Tuesday” not really, it’s Monday, they will write love letters to each other. They do not need a reason tell each other how much they love each other, they just show it. (Brandon cried during the session because of the letter Morgan wrote him.)

Brandon will just stare at his wife, with eyes of love, and Morgan will stare right back. Although, they did not come back to each other right away, which gave each of them the time to learn their value, and grow. When they eventually did come back to each other, Brandon and Morgan, were able to love and adore each other beyond what either had thought they could. Each day they learn to grow and love each other in ways they did not in previous relationships. And Brandon proudly wears that “S” on his chest showing he’s her Superman.

On July 27, they celebrated their 5-Year Wedding Anniversary. May you both continue to grow within yourselves, and with each other. I love you both.

Happy Anniversary!!!


“Forever In Love”. This is a nod to both Morgan and Brandon as this is their saying and it epitomizing their love. 

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  1. Great article! I love black love! Congrats to Morgan and Brandon! Beautiful couple.

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