Sampled Vol. 1

Like many of us, I grew up in a household where music set the tone for the day.

Whenever I heard Luther Vandross and/or the Manhattans blasting on Saturday mornings, I knew it was cleaning day; Sade, Marvin, or Stevie meant that love was in the air; Prince and 90s R&B meant that my oldest sister, Mo, was in charge. 

The array of music that my family introduced to me laid the foundation for my love of music and samples. I have an ear trained for samples—beats, flow, cadence, lyrics—it truly doesn’t matter; if the song has a sample, I WILL find it.

That obsession led me to create this playlist—Volume 1 of my favorite samples.  This is my go-to playlist when I want to hear a blend of new and old, rap and R&B, ratchet & love songs—this playlist literally covers all bases.  I suggest listening to the playlist in order first to hear the original and the sample, but it’s also a bomb a$$ vibe if you hit shuffle. 

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Either way, grab your libations and catch this groove!

Bee Sherel
The Fine Auntie at every function. Writer & Music Curator for BWL.

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