Poet Laureate Describes Black Joy

April 28, 2021

I asked the first African American poet laureate of Prince William County, Virginia Kim B. Miller to describe what Black joy looks like to her in a series of haikus. Here is what she came up with:

You were looking for
someone beautiful. I just
showed you your mirror.
Red, black and green are
not the color of strength. Black
don’t need no sidekicks.  
We throw cards, spades. Smack
big jokers and talk trash! No
sportsmanship, just win!
Black gold doesn’t tarnish,
because our love is priceless.
Black love is soul rich.
True happiness is
experienced in living
color. Can’t mute us!      
Black diamond, yes sis
that’s you, sparkle! That self-love
drip is different!
Love equals respect.
I love you so I respect
your boundaries too.
Media sound bites
cannot define Black love. Don’t
ask Google either.
I breathe joy. I walk
in my calling. I embrace
my flaws.  I see me.
Our happiness is
not negotiable. It
is mandatory.   

About the Poet:

Kim B Miller’s poetry is inspirational, her words are bold, and she is unapologetically blunt. Kim is the Poet Laureate for Prince William County, Virginia. She is the first African American Poet Laureate for PWC.

Kim has performed nationally in person and internationally online.

She is an award-winning poet. Kim is the 2019 Southern Fried Haiku Champion.

Her latest powerful poetry book is called: My Poetry is The Beauty You Overlook. It has 10 poems, 10 Kimisms (sayings), and 100 haikus.

Visit Kim’s online store and website at www.kimbmiller.com.   

All poems are copyrighted. Please contact Kim at kim@kimbmiller.com to use in any shape or form. You must have written approval from the author before usage.

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