Meet the Wife Who Used Her Passion for Black Marriages to Create a Weekend Marriage Retreat.

I met Mecca Moore Tartt when she was in her former career, running a non-profit that supported corporate organizations with Diversity & Inclusion initiatives. When I first met her, I was struck by her style, grace, attention to detail, and beauty.

Mecca was an unofficial mentor to me, and she probably never knew this until now. Listening to her story about leaving her career in medical device sales, to step into her passion of leading this amazing Black non-profit organization was just the tip of my girl-crush on her. I knew she was destined for more and when I learned she decided to step out on her own to focus on creating a business around Black marriages. Once I started @BlackWifeLife, I knew one day I would want to tell her story.

Mecca Moore Tartt is the founder of A Weekend For Love Marriage Retreat, Self-Care Summit: Women’s Health & Fitness Empowerment Day, Wives 7 Day Prayer Challenge, she is the Ultimate Girls Girl, a Wife of 6 years, and a #GirlMom of 2.

I am elated to introduce Mecca Moore Tartt to the BlackWifeLife community.

Jemia: Entrepreneurship is not an easy journey, how did you know you were ready, and what made you take the leap?

Mecca: Entrepreneurship is one of the most difficult yet rewarding journeys that I have ever embarked on. I had a very successful 10-year career in medical device sales leading as one of the top territory managers which then led to my career as the Executive Director of a nonprofit where I generated over  2million in sales working with over 40 corporations focused on diversity & inclusion. Entrepreneurship wasn’t about gracefully leaping into it, it was jumping out of an airplane and realizing you didn’t read all the instructions to open your parachute. You learn and figure it out on the way down because you are the one who holds your future in your hands. Is it scary, yes, but I don’t want to ever look back and say that I never took the chance to bet on ME.

What brought you to create A Weekend For Love and The Wives 7 Day Prayer Challenge?

 I am passionate about seeing couples win and thrive in their marriage. A Weekend For Love was birthed out of the pain I felt when a friend called to tell me she was getting a divorce. For me, this was the second girlfriend in a two year period. I felt in that moment like we both lost something, I was hurt because she was hurt. I wanted to create a solution for couples to troubleshoot their marriage before divorce became an option. 

A Weekend For Love is an opportunity for couples to come together annually for an ultra-romantic weekend getaway #maritaltuneup. Marriage is a verb which means you have to be intentional about connecting, romancing, and dating each other. I also knew that I couldn’t move on this vision alone, my husband Dr. Alduan Tartt who is a Christian psychologist shares the same passion. God also aligned the perfect business partners Michelle & Dewayne Gainey who also have a heart for marriage. 

I will say this when God gives you a vision he expects you to grow it. As a wife, I know the importance of receiving sound advice from otherwise women of God who are also wives. This led to the creation of The Wives 7 Day Prayer Challenge which was created during the 2020 Pandemic. “Sheltering in” has taken a toll on so many marriages for so many different reasons including grief, loss, infidelity, communication issues, disconnect, finances, sexual incompatibility and etc. The Wives 7 Day Prayer Challenge is a community that supports wives. Imagine having over 1000 wives from 60+ locations around the world praying for you and your marriage. There is power in numbers and in prayer.

What is your favorite part about pouring into the Black marriage and community?

One couple who attended A Weekend For Love shared that they were on the brink of divorce prior to attending the retreat. That one couple realized during the retreat that they had communication issues but that their issues could be resolved. That one couple is now stronger than ever after the tools gained during A Weekend For Love. They have also invited all of their couples friends who are now attending the couples getaway. This shows you that by saving one marriage we are able to save an entire community. More than anything I want to change the narrative of black marriage. You become what you see and A Weekend For Love shows that black love…black marriage…and that black unity does exist. 

What would you go back and tell your single-self now you’ve been married 6 years?

Make sure you are intentional about your prayers for your future husband. If you know that you are a wife do not allow a man to serve as a placeholder in a space that belongs to your potential husband. Imagine holding sand tightly in your hand while someone is asking you to open your hand to give you something better. You have to release what no longer serves you in order to get something better.

How have you been able to pivot your business and events living in this virtual world?

God did it! My reach has grown to 60 locations around the world due to the pandemic. When working with women, couples, or singles I have always been focused on bringing people together in person. 

However, I would have never known that women in South Africa, United Kingdom, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Jamaica, Zambia, India, and etc would want to attend. Since my events are now virtual they can attend. God’s reach made me realize that I was thinking too small.

Image provided by Mecca Moore Tartt.

What does health and well-being mean to you now living in this pandemic?

Living in the midst of a pandemic means survival of the fittest to me. It means that I have to sacrifice by ensuring that I am truly living a healthy life ie. little to no alcohol, decreasing sweets, working out, drinking a gallon of water, eating healthy, etc. I am extremely passionate about women’s health and wellness as a former NPC Fitness Competitor! I believe that women hold the power by controlling the health of their family, friends, and community.

The Self-Care Summit: A Women’s Health & Fitness Empowerment Day is an expression of my love for empowering women to live their healthiest lives. Let’s face it with any lifestyle change or new health journey it’s easier when you feel supported.

As a working/hustling wife and mom, how do you keep yourself first and what is your self-care routine?

My life strategist once told me after looking at my goal sheet and seeing that it was a page long “Mecca you can have everything but not all at the same time”. This is a part of my Self-Care being disciplined about what I want to accomplish and including “me” in the plan. 

I would never want to be a success in business while being a failure at home so the balancing act is important to me. My favorite Self-Care activities are: time with my girlfriends, exercising/weight training, traveling the world, spending a day at the spa, hiking (I love nature), and of course watching a good Netflix movie.

Image provided by Mecca Moore Tartt.

Make sure you follow Mecca on Instagram @MeccaMooreTartt, check out Husbae’s profile as well @drtartt.

Grab your virtual ticket for A Weekend for Love, October 23-25. Receive a special discount off the weekend, use code BLACKWIFELIFE! – @AWeekendForLove.

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