How to Say I Love You in 13 Haikus

January 13, 2021

To cheer up my girlfriend, I wrote her 80 haikus (17 syllable Japanese poems) expressing why I love her. Here are 13 of them:

Bad relationship 

We both were a part of those 

Chose to be better 


I thought I couldn’t love

Your presence says otherwise 

Keep proving me wrong 


I had an ice box 

Your devotion warmed me up 

Now you have my heart


You can solve puzzles 

But you won’t fix broken men 

I’m complete for you


When the Lord made Eve 

I think you were the blueprint 

The woman defined


You trust me with love 

I believe in your cooking 

We make lovely food 


I don’t eat candy 

But woman you are too sweet 

I get cavities


I’ve put on some pounds 

I heard you get fat in love 

My stomach is love


I love our convos 

We can run mental workouts 

To exercise love


I use “we” more now 

All I do now involves you 

I have become us 


This list’s romantic 

It’s no longer just haikus 

It’s a hai love you 


Good relationship 

We watch movies and converse 

Just how we like it


Good relationship 

We talk through all our problems 

Sound of harmony

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