Hey, How is Your Soul Feeling?

I’m pretty sure you have gotten the ‘Hey! How are you?!’ question more than often nowadays. If you are anything like me, your initial knee-jerk reaction might be the signature, “I’m fine, thanks. You?” How often is it that someone asks how you are doing and you tell them how you truly are? It has only been within the last few years that I have found myself responding honestly to this question, but there are still even times where I find myself giving the generic response.  Let’s be honest…..sometimes the “It’s fine, I’m fine, everything is fine,” is the easiest answer.  

How often is it that you allow someone a glimpse into your soul, and an opportunity to truly share what you are feeling and experiencing? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying to hit everyone you encounter with a “Whew chile, pull up a chair let me tell you a tale.”  What I am saying, is that there’s a beauty to allowing those in your life an opportunity to bear witness to your experiences. Not everyone should have the privilege of having a glimpse into your soul. 

“How is your soul feeling?” I asked a close friend of mine that one day and they seemed to be taken aback at first.  Now, it has quickly become our signature way of checking in with one another.  It gives us the permission we need to really share whatever it is that we might be feeling, thinking about, struggling with, etc.  The best part?! It is all done void of judgment.  I know that I can share my biggest insecurities and frustrations without the eye-rolling, or the minimizing of my experience.  

It would be great if life happened exactly how we wanted it to, or according to our perfectly crafted plan. The gag is…..it does NOT go down like that. I mean, look at this year. 2020 has been the biggest plot twist of all times.  It is for this reason that you have to give yourself grace and realize that “It is ok to not be ok.”  

We live in a society where being vulnerable is viewed as a sign of weakness. Being “strong” has taken on a meaning that often has a variety of unintended consequences.  What most fail to realize is that working past the awkwardness felt by being vulnerability is a strength!! It is hard to feel raw and exposed but still share.

When was the last time you shared how your soul is feeling with someone? How did it make you feel? If you have never asked someone how their soul is, try it! Go on! I dare ya.  Make sure you do so in a manner that gives them the safe space to be their authentic self. I also encourage you to be 100% honest the next time someone in your life says, “Hey, how are you?” Give it a shot! I’d love to know what your experience is! 

Jessica Wells
Slaying life post-divorce.

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