Black Man Explains His Definition of Love

We said we wanted to be in love 
But couldn’t take our baggage 
Out of broken relationships...
She was a black artist 
Just like me 
Experienced different cultures 
But never felt like she fit in 
Like me 
Our definition of love was identical 
It started with ourselves 
We had love independently 
Not something we shared 
She was cold 
Just like me 
Didn’t return calls 
Missed texts 
Like me 
Was inexperienced in love 
Our definition of love 
Began with a late-night phone call 
And left before morning 
We told ourselves love included dinner dates 
Breakfast in bed 
Good morning texts 
We said we wanted full-time partners 
But were part-time emotionally 
Affection was not in our vocabulary 
No “Thinking about yous” 
No “I’m happy you’re heres” 
We both had been broken 
I had broken tattooed on my heart 
A reminder I never wanted my heart pierced again 
She had heartbreak written on her face 
We both said we wanted to be in love 
But couldn’t take our baggage 
Out of broken relationships 
Her definition of love remained with her only boyfriend rejecting her 
My definition included my only girlfriend cheating on me 
We both believed our definition was right 
Our definitions 
Though identical 
Were not compatible 
We both wanted something 
The other couldn’t give 
Wanted to give something 
We didn’t have 
Dating her was like dating myself 
If I couldn’t love her 
What did that say about me? 
I learned that in a relationship 
I don’t want to be the giver not receiving of love 
It’s okay to both 
Give and receive love
Shaquille Telford
A millennial trying to understand love.


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    Super relatable! Fire piece Shaquille🔥

    1. Thank You!

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