Black, Busy and Blossoming with Tia Cherie

As of October 2020, reports over 34 million podcast episodes, with approximately 1.5 million shows floating out on the internet. But none of this stopped Tia from starting her podcast – Black, Busy and Blossoming.

“I started the podcast because I wanted to share Black women entrepreneurs stories. I wanted to share their real stories. We discuss the not so lit side of entrepreneurship and mental health. I want to help them market their business as well as give advice and inspiration to the other women listening,” says Tia.

I came across this Queens, New York resident randomly on Twitter. The name of her podcast is what caught my eye. It sounded just like me, Black, Busy and Blossoming. “I wanted a catchy name that spoke to what I wanted to portray and who I was speaking to,” says Tia. “It also represents my listeners and me. We are Black women out here being busy running businesses and households while blossoming into our best selves.” 

Sis already hooked me with the name, so I began to scroll her Twitter feed and then did what most people are afraid to do, send a cold pitch. I felt that what I was building with BlackWifeLife® fit right into her audience. I went for it.

Getting to connect and interview so many Black women in various industries is one of Tia’s favorite things about creating her podcast. It also is one of the reasons why I enjoy listening to them. You get to understand and hear the inner workings of another brain. I’ve gotten some of my best inspiration and ideas from listening to podcasts.

Tia has interviewed plenty of amazing Black women⏤a founder of a Virtual Assistant agency, published authors, a self-made DJ, and her personal favorite, a real, raw, and transparent conversation with her therapist.

Not to mention this mom with a full-time job still finds the time to hustle after hours. “It’s the desire not to have to work a full-time job that keeps me going. I know there’s more for me to do in this work, so it’s up to me to make time to work on my gifts so I can live the life I dream of.”

Is that what we all want, to live the life we dream of? That is one of the reasons I stepped out on faith to pour my entire heart and soul into BlackWifeLife®. It takes time, but it can be done. Someone told me this little gem, and I will share it with you… 👇🏽

Did you catch it? Tia and I chatted about so much during our time together. Check out the full episode on, and while you are there, grab her FREE all-in-one podcast launch checklist. In Tia’s first two months, she had over 500 podcast downloads! Don’t let fear overtake your passion; there is room for everyone to eat.

Connect with Tia on Twitter, @Tia_cherie_, and on Instagram, @Tia_cherie_ & @blackbusyandblossoming.

If you are a new entrepreneur or just thinking about starting your own business, this is the podcast for you. Tia is always looking for new voices and stories to share. If you are a Black woman entrepreneur who wants the be a guest on the show, send her an email at

Happy listening friends!

Creator + Founder of @BlackWifeLife. Champagne, Curls & Coffee.

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