A Love Story That Picked Up 10 Years Later

Tamius & Kellie got married on August 8, 2020, in Dublin, GA, a suburb of Macon, Georgia. Their love story began in high school but lost contact. When Kellie’s cousin sent in her photos to be featured on @BlackWifeLife, their wedding video was attached. I couldn’t let it just sit in my inbox because you can feel the love between these two.

While we are all sitting at home missing out on some of life’s moments, take some time and sit in Tamius and Kellie’s love. It will give you the wedding feels you are missing. But first, read their love story shared by Kellie.

We have been friends since high school however we lost contact for about ten years. I went off and graduated college and he had recently re-entered the dating world. Tamius reached out to me on social media and asked if he could come to Atlanta to take me on a date. We went to Yard House and enjoyed our dinner date. We caught up on old times for hours and it was history from there. We never left each other’s side.

I knew he was my husband when I realized how he would always go above and beyond to see me smile. I’m a very simple girl. I don’t ever ask for anything but he will do everything and more. I try to make life easy for him and he does the same in return for me.

We both work full-time and own two successful businesses. We own a full-service restaurant called Krush Daiquiri House in Dublin, GA. Tamius has always known that I’ve wanted a restaurant and he took some personal sacrifices to make that dream become a reality for me and for us. He supports all of my dreams and tries to provide a path for success. We also own a custom auto shop called Kreative Kustomz.

Tamius works hard at everything he does and won’t stop until he achieves the desired goal. My husband is my best friend, my business partner, and the other half of my heart. And together we have already accomplished so much, and I can’t wait to see what else life brings us.

I hope you enjoy our wedding video. It was the happiest day of my life.

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