3 Reasons Why Every Bride Should Go Dress Shopping Alone At Least Once

I don’t know about you, but the moment I got engaged I immediately thought about the fabulous outings I would have with my girlfriends while searching for the perfect dress. 

I envisioned us at the fanciest boutiques sipping champagne and them holding up signs that say “Yaasss” or “Nope.” 

But I never made it to that dress party with my ladies. I couldn’t make it past dress shopping with my mother and future mother-in-law before I needed a break. 

No one told me how stressful dress shopping could be. I’ve been in a bride-tribe before helping one of my best girlfriends find her dress. She made it look so simple and easy. I was fooled. 

It wasn’t until I went wedding dress shopping alone on a whim, during a work trip, that I discovered what I liked and wanted out of a wedding dress. 

Here are three reasons you should consider wedding dress shopping alone, at least one time. 

Your Bridal Consultant is Less Stressed 

I know. It is not about the bridal consultant during your appointment. But really, it is. The consultant is the most critical person besides YOU when you enter the store. 

A bridal consultant holds the keys to the castle. They know the inventory, what is not on display, what will look good on your figure and can even cut you a deal on a purchase. 

Large crowds distract your consultant from the most important person, YOU! Instead of hearing you, they are hearing you AND everyone else. 

This vision you had in your mind for the perfect gown, now is lost in translation because your girl-gang is overpowering everything. 

My consultant made a point to specifically say I was one of the most enjoyable appointments she has had in a while because she was able to do her job with me. 

Ladies, do you want someone coming to your job telling you what and how to do it? It’s the feeling that an overwhelmed bridal consultant can have. 

You Will Know Exactly What You Want 

We all have been in a situation where we see something that catches our eye, but we do not go for it because we have this feeling someone is going to say they don’t like it. You’ve been there, right? Of course! 

Browsing the racks without someone hovering you is soothing. You can pull that gaudy ball gown that your best friend will immediately say no to AND you can pull that super-sexy-body-hugging dress that might make your mother look the other way. It becomes all about you when you enter the shop alone. 

Looking at the dresses that were picked for me when I was alone, I immediately knew they were not it. I kept thinking to myself, “I was going to pick a style like this. That would have been a disaster.” Sorry Mom!

Something is Reserved Just for You 

After I said YES to my dress, I decided only to show my mom the final pick Everyone else has to wait until the big day. 

The idea of keeping my girlfriends in suspense is riveting, and they can’t stand it. When I told my grandmother she had to wait to see my dress, her response was, “Well, you can’t see mine either.” Haha! 

Weddings are supposed to be about the Bride & Groom and over time it has shifted to be all about the guest. Making sure that there is enough seats for everyone, even that cousin you haven’t seen in years, but your Uncle is making you invite them. Sound familiar?

Keeping your wedding dress to yourself is just a small way to reel the wedding back in and make it all about you again. Because we know weddings are about the Bride AND the dress. 

Not including your friends might make you feel bad, but they will understand. Especially if you let them know it’s a big reveal for everyone! 

Happy dress hunting future brides! You will thank me later after you have this wonderful solo dress shopping experience. 

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